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On DVD/BluRay & Streaming platforms EVERYWHERE APRIL 23, 2024 “Altered Perceptions" is a movie about mental health written by a neuropsychologist” CBS NEWS - LOS ANGELES “Altered Perceptions is spellbinding. It's one of the most provocative sci-fi thrillers since Donnie Darko. It deserves to become a cult classic like They Live. Prepare to have your mind blown. “ NYCMOVIEGURU.COM “Altered Perceptions is going to piss everyone off, and therein lies its great beauty.” FILMTHREAT MAGAZINE “An immersive, hypnotic, sometimes sprawling feature from director Jorge Ameer (MEDUSA, THE FAMILY TREE) and writer Wayne Dees. It explores these ideas as both a gritty, hyper-realistic DEAD ZONE-esque political/dystopian saga and an esoteric, interdimensional-by-way-of-the-supernatural thriller.” RUE MORGUE HORROR MAGAZINE “Altered Perceptions turns out to be a timely, sexy, sci-fi mind-bender featuring a strong cast that includes Oscar nominees Eric Roberts and Sally Kirkland. It is director Ameer’s most ambitious and provocative film to date. Interestingly, the screenplay was written by clinical neuropsychologist Wayne Dees.” RAGE MONTHLY MAGAZINE “Altered Perceptions is an instant cult classic, adding elements of today’s political climate mixing it with doomsday theories and advice from from a super sexy naked prophet.” QUEERFORTY.COM AWARDS 2023 Best Cult Classic Cinema CULT CRITIC MOVIE MAGAZINE JORGE AMEER Best Director 2023 MARINA DEL REY FILM FESTIVAL DR. WAYNE DEES Best Original Screenplay Narrative Feature Film SILICON BEACH FILM FESTIVAL WORLD PREMIERE 2023 FESTIVAL DE CANNES Marche Du Film Sunday, May 21, 2023 HOLLYWOOD INDEPENDENTS in association with A.J. PRODUCTIONS & WAYNE DEES FILM PRODUCTIONS presents "ALTERED PERCEPTIONS". - IN THEATRES 2023 Director: Jorge Ameer Writer: Wayne Dees CAST - SALLY KIRKLAND (Academy Award Nominee/Golden Globe Winner/Independent Spirit Award Winner "Anna" (1988) ERIC ROBERTS (Academy Award Nomine "Runaway Train"/3 time Golden Globe Nominee) LANCE GUEST (star of "The Last Straighter"/"Halloween 2", "Jaws 4") introducing ORAN STAINBROOK MATT FLING ("All The Lords Men") VINCENT GIOVANNI ("The Offer") DANNY FEHSENFELD("Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness"/Netflix) LYNN LOWRY ("Shivers","The Crazies", "Score") JORGE AMEER ("The Family Tree" "D'Agostino","Medusa","Sabor Tropical" WILLIAM McNAMARA ("Stealing Home", "Copy Cat', "Doing Time in Maple Dr." BRENT BAILEY ("Doom Patrol","Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D", "Emma Approved") JOAQUIN GARAY III ("Herbie Goes Bananas") JOSE ROSETE ("Monsters of Man", "Sabor Tropical") JOEY CRAMER ("Flight of the Navigator") KEITH ROENKE ("The Family Tree"/"D'Agostino") MICHAEL JOSEPH NELSON ("The Family Tree") JEFF ALLEN ("The Family Tree"/"Medusa") KATY FOLEY ("Medusa") TORIE TYSON ("The Family Tree"/"D'Agostino"/"Sabor Tropical") ALGERITA WYNN ("Medusa","Beginners", "Crazy Stupid Love") MATTHEW LEITCH ("Sabor Tropical"/"Band of Brothers") BENNET GUILLORY ("The Color Purple") THOMAS WILLIAM ("Medusa") see more cast on the IMDB page of the film Executive Producers: Jorge Ameer, Wayne Dees Producer: Mauricio Arrioja STORY: A ripped from the headlines dystopian intergalactic supernatural thriller that parallels current event and the state of affairs around a post pandemic world were vaccines are being used as political currency to target vulnerable minorities. Things are starting to take a strange turn for the worse and something even more menacing is happening. Something so deadly and bizarre that it defies modern science and human logic.
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